About Thrive PCRD

No two individuals are the same, so what makes us think that our relationships will be?

Thrive PCRD is an organization that specializes in creating an environment where couples can discover and develop what is unique to their relationship.

By using the PREPARE and ENRICH program and concepts specific to marriage and family therapy, we provide couples with life skills that help nurture their relationship and family environment.

About Keith and Cass

We met at church and were friends long before we took that next step: a relationship. It has been wonderful and now we’ve been married for 15 years! Seems like such a short time.

Because we got so lucky in finding each other, and being able to create a relationship that grows and thrives along with us each individually growing, we became passionate about helping other couples to do the same.

We offer premarital counseling because it’s really nice when you get to start out right. Before you marry, that’s a great time to take stock in your relationship. What works and what doesn’t? Those niggling little doubts that you push away now will only get worse after you say “I do.” The good news is: you don’t have to be afraid of them! Those doubts are there to help you get closer and stronger! When you work through them together, your relationship gets better, and you as a couple can begin to thrive.

Relationship counseling for those married or in long-term relationships is another thing we feel passionate about. Sometimes you hit that 7-year itch mark, or maybe you look at your spouse after 20 years of life and think “Who is this person?” That’s the right time to seek counseling. Come to us then and we can help put the spark back in your marriage and teach you how to keep it there!

“Inspiring couples to discover the unique vision of their relationship”

~ Keith and Cass