My wife and I made a decision that this would be a year of clarity and focus for us. A year in which we would be intentional about where and whom we put our energy. As such, we came to a new conclusion about DEFINING MOMENTS. Too many times in life, we react to what happens to us rather than exercising our power of choice within a situation. At times, this relinquishing of power causes us to accept the meaning that we allow certain life events to prescribe based on traditional schools of thought. However, what my spouse and I have come to realize is that in these moments, we have the priceless gift of discretion.

Rather than accepting what a specific moment in time would typically offer us as its description of our circumstance, we have the authority to give it (whatever “it” represents) the definition based on the meaning of significance we choose to assign. For example, if someone chooses not to participate in a certain project with us, we can either allow his or her choice to create self-doubt and rejection or we can choose it as a moment of gratitude. Gratitude because working together either was simply not meant to be or because to do so, would mean working with someone that is unable to or unwilling to see your value. Either way, we get to DEFINE THE MOMENT, regardless as to what meaning that moment initially decides to present us with. So, as the good book says, “choose for yourselves this day…” (Joshua 24:15 NKJV).

Photo by Davide Cantelli on Unsplash